Journal #11: Social Media


This week I explored Twitter (  Twitter is a social media site that allows people to connect through the sharing of ideas in under 140 characters. I am new to Twitter, but I enjoyed creating a profile for professional purposes (@MrsJHasBooks). Through this profile, I was able to connect to other library and education professionals to explore the latest content related to my field. On the other hand, I was also able to connect to students and their parents and guardians by sharing my Twitter handle with them, as well as links to course-related content and pictures and videos of activities occurring in class.

While I liked being able to connect to others via social media, I found that this platform seemed to contain a significant number of advertisements. In addition, some people and organizations I chose to follow posted quite a bit of content—clearly, when they were available to peruse online—and it flooded my feed with an extraordinary amount of information, which made it difficult to sift through.

I see myself continuing to use Twitter to connect to other professionals, students, and parents; however, I understand now that I need to limit myself to only reading a little in my feed at a time. Ultimately, I see how powerful Twitter can be as a tool that allows me to discover new ideas in the fields of education and library science, as well as a medium for communicating with parents and students to share updates about exciting classroom activities.

Until we meet again, remember the happiness there is to find in this world, especially on the pages of a book.

Mrs. J

from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine

“Should a Happiness Machine, he wondered, be something you can carry in your pocket? Or, he went on, should it be something that carries you in its pocket? ’One thing I absolutely know,’ he said aloud. ‘It should be bright’” (Bradbury 63).

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