Journal #10: Library Journal


This week, I had the pleasure of scrolling through the Library Journal website ( where I happened upon an article by Steven Bell entitled “Empathy as the Leader’s Path to Change: Leading from the Library” ( This article explores the idea of what makes a good leader and how good leaders can move institutions to implement changes. He highlights the importance of acknowledging stakeholders and their role in the decision making process, as well as Elizabeth Borges’s practice of “cognitive empathy.” It is through this practice that effective leaders can become self-aware and determine how best to bring about change.

This resource provides the most recent news in the world of library science. This includes feature articles, award winners, lists of events, as well as webcasts, jobs, and tips for managing a successful library. The incredible number of resources available on this site makes Library Journal a place to go for the latest news. Not only does this site include links to quick reads about relevant library topics, but it also includes current research and case studies that reflect the scholarly elements of library management.

The content on this site is helpful for those who are working to stay abreast of topics related to managing libraries. This includes award winners, technology integration, and links to numerous library-related issues. Regular visits to the Library Journal website ensures that librarians are working hard to remain relevant and important to the communities they serve.

Until we meet again, remember the happiness there is to find in this world, especially on the pages of a book.

Mrs. J

from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine

“Should a Happiness Machine, he wondered, be something you can carry in your pocket? Or, he went on, should it be something that carries you in its pocket? ’One thing I absolutely know,’ he said aloud. ‘It should be bright’” (Bradbury 63).

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