Journal #9: Symbaloo


This week, I had the opportunity to explore Symbaloo ( I like that this tool is a one-stop shop for a variety of web links: social media, shopping, file management, and entertainment. The ease of clicking on the Amazon link allowed an immediate search that opened results on a separate page; however, the default web mixes did not necessarily meet my browsing needs, so as a result, if I were to regularly use Symbaloo, I would have to delete the default web mixes and create my own.

When I first began exploring Symbaloo, I found it be very similar to what occurs on my MacBook when I open a new webpage on Safari. Links to both my “Favorites” and “Frequently Visited” pages pop up, and they are all found in one place, on one page, much like Symbaloo. However, Symbaloo allows users to select many more links all at once, as well as color-code and categorize those pages.

I would find this tool useful in helping students organize favorites. Oftentimes, students incorrectly type web addresses into their search bar, even though those pages are frequently visited. Using Symbaloo would streamline both their favorites and their frequently visited pages. Because I use Safari on a Mac, I do not foresee myself using this program on this device; however, this would have utility for students who like to personalize and organize their favorites in this way.

Until we meet again, remember the happiness there is to find in this world, especially on the pages of a book.

Mrs. J

from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine

“Should a Happiness Machine, he wondered, be something you can carry in your pocket? Or, he went on, should it be something that carries you in its pocket?’One thing I absolutely know,’ he said aloud. ‘It should be bright‘” (Bradbury 63).

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