Journal #6: Google Drive

unknownThis week, I explored Google Drive and all of its amazing capabilities ( Google Drive is a relatively simple tool to use as a storage, collaboration, and creation tech tool.

I enjoyed the fact that there is a safe place to store information instead of my computer’s hard drive. By utilizing Drive’s storage capabilities, especially if the folder is saved to the computer’s hard drive (on a Mac), one can work on the document offline and the changes will save once the computer goes back online. On the flip side, I suppose one could risk losing hard work by using the hard drive option, but if one were to connect often, it would only be minimally risky.

The experience with Google Drive revealed collaborative capabilities through Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of these would have a place in my classroom as students could work together on both presentations and common writing tasks. The Google Forms option would be a great resource for surveys for both me, as an instructor, and students, when they are tasked with the responsibility of collecting data.

In the future, I foresee me regularly using Google Drive to help students organize their files, ensuring that there are no more “accidents” when students have an assignment to write so they do not lose it in the abyss of their computer’s hard drive. In addition, Google Drive is also a great tool for collaborating, as well as teacher commenting. I look forward to unlocking all of Drive’s capabilities in the future.

Until we meet again, remember the happiness there is to find in this world, especially on the pages of a book.

Mrs. J

from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine

“Should a Happiness Machine, he wondered, be something you can carry in your pocket? Or, he went on, should it be something that carries you in its pocket?’One thing I absolutely know,’ he said aloud. ‘It should be bright‘” (Bradbury 63).

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