Journal #5: Booklist


For the purpose of this blog, I explored Booklist’s website and happened upon an article in the form of an interview entitled “Sex in YA: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why It Matters” by Daniel Kraus. This title struck me, as my students and I are exploring why books are challenged and the content that often leads to challenges (

This article was an interview with YA authors Christa Desir and Carrie Mesrobian. These authors explored the way they depict sex in their books and their process for both writing and evaluating the purpose of these scenes. Both authors offered candid responses to author Kraus and were willing to disclose their personal backgrounds and how those impacted their writing choices.

Booklist is a phenomenal resource for both classroom teachers and librarians who are seeking to find appropriate materials for their library shelves. Not only do the articles and book reviews help educators make decisions about instructional materials, but the webinars are also a great resource for librarians and classroom teachers alike, as they cater to specific reading and classroom needs.

The content on this website is vast, as archived webinars provide opportunities to listen in on previous topics, in addition to participation in current topics. Not only are the webinars fantastic resources, but the articles offer insight into current events facing librarians and educators. I was struck by the currency of the topics listed, especially as new literature for young people is typically a reflection of the issues they face. This site is interactive, relevant, and an incredible source for both librarians and classroom teachers.

Until we meet again, remember the happiness there is to find in this world, especially on the pages of a book.

Mrs. J

from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine

“Should a Happiness Machine, he wondered, be something you can carry in your pocket? Or, he went on, should it be something that carries you in its pocket?’One thing I absolutely know,’ he said aloud. ‘It should be bright‘” (Bradbury 63).

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